Our Story - past

Hi! We are Will & Luke! We are the co-owners of Honeysticks. We live in New Zealand with our families - where we make Honeysticks and also source our 100% natural beeswax!

We met many years ago while working in the corporate world. We both had shared views on making an impact on the world, living an eco-friendly lifestyle and using natural products for our families.

Family is an important factor in the Honeysticks story, it is a continuous joint effort between us, our wives, our kids and all of our customers that keep us strong on our values. We found that in the corporate world, we struggled to make a positive impact and eventually got too impatient with how slowly things moved!

So we left the corporate grind and Honeysticks became centre stage! It is our mission to ensure all of our products, packaging and practices are natural, non-toxic and great for the environment.

Not only that, being parents ourselves we love to see our children grow their creativity and experimentation over the years. We wanted to help provide that same experience for children across the globe.

Honeysticks was founded in a small daycare when a teacher noticed the kids chewing on their crayons. The quest for a safe & natural alternative landed on beeswax as the primary ingredient for our first product & Honeysticks was born. Hand-crafted by New Zealand’s oldest crayon maker & still hand-made in New Zealand out of the highest quality natural & food-grade ingredients.

We’re grateful to own & operate an innovative family run business bringing a safe, natural & eco-friendly alternative to other families around the world. Our hope is that Honeysticks will provide hours of fun & entertainment for your kids, allowing them to be naturally creative! Just like they have for ours.

Will, Luke & Families