Jumbo Posters and Paints Activity Set

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Introducing our handy Activity Set – featuring JUMBO posters! Includes our Honeysticks Watercolor Paints along with 4 mega-sized posters.  One buzz-worthy gifting bundle; safer for kids, gentle on the planet.

  •   Jumbo posters for hours of fun and learning: Includes 4 mega-sized posters (1.94 ft x 2.76 ft) for hours of learning and creativity - featuring numbers, creatures of the earth, alphabet fun, and an enchanting jungle world.  
  •   A great gift: Our Activity Pack comes bundled together in a fun colorful envelope, making it a fun gift for little artists. 
  •   8 vibrant, non-toxic colors: Each Watercolor Paint Palette contains 8 vibrant and long-lasting colors, including yellow, red, pink, purple, green, blue, brown and orange. 
  •   Non-toxic ingredients: Honeysticks Watercolor Paints are made using non-toxic and food-grade ingredients, making them safer for toddlers and children aged 3+. Our wooden paint brush is made of birch wood and vegan bristles.
  • Crafted with love in Aotearoa, New Zealand: Designed by families, for families.

100% pure New Zealand beeswax and soy/beeswax blends

Non-toxic, food-grade pigments for color

No chemical smell... just the natural scent of pure beeswax!

Free from nasties used to make most other crayons

Safe for infants and children of all ages